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Am Elbdeich 68
39615 Wahrenberg

Telefon: +49 39397/41469
Adresse e-mail:krebber@elbehof.de
Interlocuteur: Krebber, Norbert

Les Thèmes

The association for the integration of technology and organism, "VITOS e.V.", was formed by the municipal environmental advisory service in Höxter on the river Weser (North-Rhine-Westphalia) which was suggested by students. Motivated by their qualified courses of study: architecture, civil engineering, agriculture and technical environmental protection of the amalgamated university of Paderborn, they initiated the NUTIZ, the "Natur-Umwelt-Technik-Informationszentrum" (information centre for nature-environment-technology). Citizens and municipalities are informed about the subjects: regenerative energies, water and waste, keeping the air clean, ecological building and horticulture. Due to the foundation of "VITOS e.V." the promotion could be financed by funds from the Lands, the towns and from donations. After these tasks had been taken over by the town itself and the active people had spread all over the Federal Republic of Germany, the association has been working more intensively in the field of education related to nature and green issues apart from the continuing advisory activities of the individual members.

Due to the cooperation of two members of the board at the Elbehof project, the action and administration address also moves there. Due to the new settlement, the main emphasis - cultural education work related to nature and green issues - is being enlarged. The cultural project "Flusslandschaft Elbtalaue" (riverside area, meadow of the valley of the river river Elbe) is planned to avoid the enlargement of the river Elbe and to support the planned biosphere reservation "Elbtalaue".

The Elbehof project unites people who are at present renovating an old former ferry inn, situated close to Wittenberge on the river Elbe in Northern Saxon-Anhalt. At the moment, we are still in the process of planning and conception: A regional, but also national simple and ecologically oriented education and meeting centre shall be built around the former restaurant with halls. At the moment, we are improvising the "education centre" with self-catering seminars in tents and overnight accommodations for groups. Time and attitude must tell to what standard we will develop. Our subjects are: education work related to nature and green issues, Yoga and alternative medicine, African drumming and all kinds of rhythm instruments, macrobiotic diet, theatre on the scene and in nature. Apart from that, we lend bicycles and canus and we plan and accompany tours.

Norbert Krebber was born in Uedem on the Lower Rhine in 1966. He finished his studies of agriculture at the amalgamated university of Paderborn with the thesis for a degree on public relations and cultural work in environmental protection with a practical example: theatre. This is where also his tasks are lying in the projects described above.

We offer overnight accommodations. Apart from that, we can give expert advice, lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts in the field of nature and environment pedagogy, the ecological planning of empty spaces and cultural work.


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