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Jürgen Brückner

Mühlberger Str. 51
04895 Falkenberg/Elster

Phone No.: +49 35365/35040 (p.), +49 3535/464437 (d.)
Fax No.: +49 35365/35040 (p.), +49 3535/464407 (d
E-mail adress:
Contact person: Brückner, Jürgen


Born in 1955, I have been living with a congenital physical handicap (arthrogryposis multiplex congenita/AMC), vocational training as a qualified social worker/social education worker (technical college of higher education) and qualified technical economist (technical university), activities as a representative of the disabled and of foreign immigrants for the administrative district of Elke-Elster in the federal state of Brandenburg. My work concentrates on the fields of social policy, policy for the disabled, development policy ("One World/Third World") and on the topic migration/policy on foreigners/asylum:

- Collaboration in the "IGA", an organization for the disabled throughout the whole of Germany for "AMC" (regional contact partner for the federal state of Brandenburg and social matters).

- Second chairman in the association "AG Alternativ Handeln" e.V., (= working-group act alternatively), Torgau, an association whose main activities lie in the field of educational work related to development policy/fair trade world shop/project work abroad; concrete project: Building and support of a hospital in the North of Togo/Africa,

- Further priorities: mobility - barrier-free "ÖPNV", barrier-free planning of the environment/barrier-free building, barrier-free tourism.

I can give expert advice to other net participants in the fields of policy for the disabled, development policy/One World, and on the topic migration/policy on foreigners/asylum, I can deliver expert opinions, give lectures, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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