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Mouvement pour les Droits de la Personne Humaine

Ilot C. lot no 397, 34 Avenue Charles de Gaule
BP 1212 Nouakchott

Phone No.: +222 524.05.58
Fax No.: +222 529.28.59
Contact person: Diagana Hamzatou


The Human Rights Movement is a non-profit-making, non-government organisation. Its main aim is the protection and defence of human rights irrespective of race, ethnicity, tribe or religion.

Its activities are concentrated on:

- reporting human rights violations,
- legal assistance for victims of random violence,
- the struggle against slavery and the trafficking of children,
- the struggle against torture,
- a plea for equal rights for men and women,
- a plea for the recognition of social, economic and cultural rights.

Our institution has carried out several local campaigns to alleviate the human damage caused by the old military regime of our country.

Our movement is a member of several national, African and international networks.

We can offer other net participants overnight facilities on request. If requested, we can furnish an opinion, compile a report, provide expert information and contacts in the field of our work. We would be happy to be of assistance on reciprocal terms.


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