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Lebens- u. Agrarkulturelle Initiative e.V.

Dorfstr. 52
37318 Marth

Phone No.: +49 36081/60053
Fax No.: +49 36081/60618
Contact person: Papke, Götz


The "Kastanienhof" (chestnut yard) is a partnership in life with a common cashbox in Thüringen, a craftsman yard with 10 hectares of land where a lot is still in the initial stages. Our main activities are:

- Biological agriculture and rural conservation
- Various sorts of fruit, special cereals, seeds, vegetables, goats, hens, pigs, work with horses and donkeys
- Handicraft (wood, clay, metal)
- Free-lance work
- Junk café being planned
- Seminar room (100 square metres) under construction
- Nature conservation association: Grüne Liga Thüringen/Eichsfeld
- We are looking for on-the job trainees, persons doing social work instead of military service and apprentices (free bio-dynamic training)
- We are looking for participants with initiative on their own.

We have overnight accommodations for other net participants. Moreover, we offer expert advice, we can give a lecture, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts in the following fields: lasting work/new work, biological agriculture, ecological seeds and clay construction.


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