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Fundación Sembrando Esperanza

Avenida Cochabamba s/n. Zona 1º de Mayo
El Alto/Bolivia

Phone No.: +591 2 80 86 64
Fax No.: +591 2 80 86 64
Contact person: Toni Massagué Casals


The Sembrando Esperanza Foundation (FUNDASE) is a non-profit-making organisation, founded to administer the social services of the parish of "Jesús Obrero".

The Sembrando Esperanza Foundation works in socio-educational and socio-medicinal fields as well as in the area of self-financing.


- The Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Kindergarten, founded in 1999. Here, 440 under 6-year-olds are cared for by 36 members of staff; there are two distinctive infrastructures.
- The Beata Piedad de Cruz Kindergarten, founded in 1994. Here, 160 under 6-year-olds are cared for by 13 members of staff.
- The Virgen de la Fuensanta Kindergarten, founded in 2002. Here, 200 under 6-year-olds are cared for by 17 members of staff.
- The Kürmi Parenting Support Center: this project was founded in 1995. Here, 100 6-13 year-olds are cared for by 11 members of staff. The project is intended as a measure to prevent the occurrence of situations which could lead to frequent truancy or a life on the street. The children cared for here live in very complex social and family relationships.
- The Salud Jesús Obrero Health Center for the care of mothers and children. At present we provide medicinal care in the areas of: family health, paediatry, gynaecology, dentistry, a clinic, a pharmacy, a laboratory and an X-ray unit.
- The "Emaús" Community Center: This building can be hired by organized groups for their activities. It has suitable facilities (accommodation, meeting rooms etc.). Any profits from events go towards financing our educational and health projects.
- The bakery: Here we bake our own bread, i.e. the bread eaten daily by the children and staff in each project and by the participants in the "Emaús" Community Center.

On request, we can offer other net participants: advice, an expert opinion, lectures, up-to-date information and contacts within our field of work.


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