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Adresse e-mail:marcela@biblioteca.udea.edu.co
Interlocuteur: Jaramillo, Marcela

Les Thèmes

In view of a growing number of visually impaired people in universities for whom there is no appropriate care provision in our region, and bearing in mind the principles of equal opportunity, integration, participation and social responsibilty, the University of Antioquia, with its library system for the support of the establishment of disadvantaged groups among its users, designed a special information system for the use of blind and visually-impaired students.

The circle of users has increased by 350% since its introduction in October 1996, not least due to the increase of violence in our region. This has been a great challenge to our facilities, which we have to face up to, since otherwise the university studies of this group of people would be endangered.

In the meantime, this service has become a reference point. It is a pioneer among sensitization programs and for education in universities and elsewhere. The aim is to achieve a culture in which disadvantaged groups are included in tertiary education, offering them better future prospects.

We can offer other net participants the following on request: advice, expert opinion, lectures, up-to-date information and the provision of contacts in relation to social inclusion.


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