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Diego Palma 455-pl-san isidro
1742 San Isidro- pcia. bs.as.

Telefon: +54 (0)11 4 7477584
Adresse e-mail:eduhabitatpte@yahoo.com.ar
Interlocuteur: Eduardo Horacio Quiroga

Les Thèmes

Eduhabitat is a non-profit-making society, working according to civil law, which was established for the investigation into, analysis and development of sustainable environment policies. Thus our constitution allows not only the exchange of information with universities at home and abroad in the field of education but also the provision of environmental advisory services, since we are of the opinion that information pertaining to our environment is just as important as the DECALOGO financial information.

- Protection of the biosphere
- sustainable use or resources
- reduction and disposal of problem waste
- responsible energy practices
- risk reduction
- marketing of ecologically compatible products and services
- damage compensation
- open circulation of information
- environment management
- environmental surveys
- examination of environmental influences

Eduardo Horacio Quiroga is the president of Eduhabitat.

We can offer other net participants the following on request: accommodation, advice, an expert opinion, lectures, up-to-date information and provision of contacts in the field of our work. Further support offers: How can we grow in times of crisis? We offer seminars for organisations throughout Latin America.


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