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Lauf Nahrung für alle Menschen

Santuario Mandala International Triesch e.V.

Forsthaus Triesch
36214 Nentershausen

Telefon: +49 6627/915508
Adresse e-mail:forsthaustriesch@yahoo.de
Interlocuteur: Lang, Daniel

Les Thèmes

We want the 700 richest people in the world to forgo the interest on their assets. This would eliminate all the poverty on our planet. That is why we have inaugurated the “Food for All” walk in the nature mandala at Forsthaus Triesch. It is open every day throughout the year. Come and walk a few circuits. You'll be helping to publicize the walk.

Walking is in silence. Anyone can take part, from whatever culture or religion. Since we consume raw materials and foodstuffs from hunger zones every day, for once in our lives we can walk a few circuits in the nature mandala for the ending of hunger in the world. The more the walk becomes known, the more its strength will develop and the less the rich will be able to ignore our concerns.

If you would like to stay overnight with us, please let us know. Thank you. :)

“Food for All” walk in the nature mandala at Forsthaus Triesch. Open daily throughout the year.


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