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Auf der Höhe 8
35096 Oberweimar

Telefon: +49 6421/ 63772
Telefax: +49 6421/ 63773
Adresse e-mail:Umweltkommunikation.Smolka@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Smolka, Dr. Henning

Les Thèmes

We carry out public relations work for communities and other customers, from press articles via brochures up to campaigns referring to certain issues.

We set up learning and playing units for kindergartens and schools, we develop the conception and take on the distribution of cases of material.

We carry out information, consultation and motivation work within the framework of the rural regional development and the village renovation programme of Hesse from the first round through the village up to the documentation.

We have been existing since 1989 and we are a member of the "BUND" (association for environmental protection and nature conservation Germany.

Dr. Henning Smolka, born in 1953, is a linguist and advisor on waste disposal as well as head of the office.

We give expert advice, lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange contacts referring to the subjects: environmental protection, waste management, composting, environmentally friendly procurement, ecological education work, local agenda 21.


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