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Umweltzentrum Bielefeld

August-Bebel-Straße 16-18
33602 Bielefeld

Telefon: +49 521/ 179082
Telefax: +49 521/ 173294
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Les Thèmes

The environment centre of Bielefeld has been existing for more than 15 years as a union of working groups, initiatives and firms. All of them are working in different fields of environmental protection and ecology, respectively according to ecological principles.

The house is no town institution, but is administrated by the environment centre. It is financed mainly by donations, rents paid by the firms as well as a subsidy from the town. As an independent institution beyond administrative interests, the environment centre has an important function in the public.

The environment centre is an open centre for all groups and initiatives that are organized in the field of environmental protection. A place where new ideas are developed, actions are planned and exhibitions are organized. The "registered association" supports the groups by placing rooms and infrastructure at their disposal.

Many ideas and suggestions related to environment-relevant issues which were and will be developed by the "Umweltzentrum e.V.", respectively the groups working there, among others in the field of recycling and traffic, have meanwhile found access to municipal policy. Due to its diverse and special achievements the environment centre has rendered outstanding services to the environmental protection in the Bielefeld area and therefore it was honoured with the environment prize of the town of Bielefeld in 1989.

The main part of the work of the environment centre consists of direct services for the population of Bielefeld:

- Running of an environment library
- Consultation on green issues
- Running of the Ganz-Glas-Zentrums (GGZ) (centre of whole glass)
- Public relations work
- Publication of the magazine "Umwelt-Info" (information about the environment)

Moreover, the environment centre initiates and participates in actions and campaigns in the field of environment. In addition to that, it offers committed citizens spontaneous possibilities for organization and the possibility for cooperation in initiatives that exist already.

Among other things, the environment centre offers the above mentioned services and possibilities to cooperate in the field of ecology.


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