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Contact person: Froese, Andreas


ECO-TEC is a company that deals with environmental projects, which also solve social problems. We have created a new construction technique, based on the use of rubbish, for example with non-returnable bottles (PET), rims of wheels, sawdust, and old buckets of painting. For this reason we use less cement, so that the costs are about one third cheaper than the traditional way of construction.

On of our main aims is teaching people in this technique. We built the first house in the whole world (Ecology House), that has a green roof and walls completely made by those un-returnable bottles.

Another house, that consists of bottles and other rubbish, was built by handicapped people (Faith House).

In one of our last projects we built tanks for water storage, also made of non-returnable bottles.


- Community development
- Consideration of the environment.
- Mixture of educational and cultural aspects
- Spirit of independent enterpises
- Eco-Tourism.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities, an expert guidance through trained staff and deliver a lecture in the field of our work.


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