Able World Foundation, Inc.

P.O.BOX 32386
Oakland CA 94604-3286
Vereinigte Staaten

Telefon: +1 510 763-1843
Ansprechpartner: Dr. Adebisi T. Aromolaran


Able World Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in California, USA in June 1981 as a non-profit corporation. It later acquired 501(c)(3) status. Our motto is: "Networking for a Better World via Education." Able World strongly believes that a world of peace, progress, and prosperity is possible. This will become a reality by providing equal access to education and vocational training through active participation in social, economic and political institutions to all young people.

Able World Foundation, Inc. plans to establish the "Able World Youth Clubs" worldwide in schools, beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area. These youth clubs will focus on growing a culture of peace, progress, and prosperity from childhood through the teen years. Our ultimate goal is to expand the program worldwide. At the heart of the youth clubs is creating and nurturing a culture of honesty, cooperation, respect, hard work, and learning. We plan to instill such values, using time-tested principles of social learning and conditioning. In this way, Able World believes that it can help the younger generation break the cycle of violence and despair, and chart a new path to world peace and prosperity.

Membership in our youth clubs is open to children aged 18 and under, the future leaders of our communities. We urge school principals to encourage their students to establish an Able World Youth Club as After School Program on their campus, ensuring the presence of a teacher-facilitator at the meetings of the club. Initially, we wish to encourage upper elementary, middle, and high school groups to form.

Each club designs and implements their own activities. These activities could revolve around areas such as self-definition, self-knowledge, spiritual awareness, the presence or absence of peace in the community, racial tension, social harmony resulting from negotiations, community revitalization, cleanliness, commitment to learning, education and occupation, the art of cooperation, peer pressure, money management, poverty, community service, nutrition for a healthy living, health education, camping , crime, drugs and drug use, CPR, interaction with peace officers. Project activities are carried out within school premises and at designated camps all over the world. Sociability and civility are the hallmarks of club members.

Dr. Adebisi Aromolaran is the Executive Director of the Able World Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work

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