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Gondorf - Organisationsberatung

Mehrbachtalstr. 13
57635 Mehren

Phone No.: +49 (0)2686/98 88 34
Fax No.: +49 (0) 2686/98 88 48
Contact person: Gondorf, Ulli


As sole proprietor, I am a member and on the board of WIBeN e.V. (Westerwald Network of Initiatives and Enterprises).

I have been working on the development of sustainable regional socio-ecological structures, projects and small enterprises in Westerwald since 1985.

I advise and coach individuals and groups, and carry out organization development projects with companies, (employee orientation, mission statements, communication, team development etc.).

I can offer other net participants overnight facilities on request. In addition I can offer advice, provide an expert opinion, make a presentation, and provide contacts in the area of team development, presentation, financing of projects.


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