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Heinrich Bartels

Mühlenstraße 4 a
31812 Bad Pyrmont

Phone No.: +49 5281/620204
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Contact person: Bartels, Heinrich


Trusting that the creative being we call "God" will maintain the chance for life on our planet and judging that human beings are urgently requested to accept responsibility and to act accordingly, I try to make a contribution in those fields where I discover opportunities, in particular where it becomes obvious to me that there has not been done enough until now.

In this regard, it seems to me that two fields of action are most important:

- Monetary economics/financial strength
- Personality development, socialization, solidarity.

Heinrich Bartels was born in Estridge in British West India in 1930. Today, he is a married pensioner and father of two daughters. He has been working for 38 years in the field of social education; he is deacon of the Protestant "Johannesstift"; a member of "Christen für gerechte Wirtschaftsordnung e.V." (Christians for a fair economic system), the "Initiative für natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung e.V." (initiative for natural economic order) and "Mehr Demokratie e.V. " (more democracy).

After prior agreement, I offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. Moreover, I can give expert advice, lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts in the fields of: pedagogy, economics and finance as well as social work. I also send out books and papers on free market economy.


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