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Eine-Welt-Laden Regenbogen

Höfeweg 4
31542 Bad Nenndorf

Phone No.: +49 5723-3640
Fax No.: +49 5723-3640
Contact person: Wolpers, Stephan


In the year 1992, the one-world-shop "Regenbogen" was created from initial sales actions of the "KJG" (Katholische Junge Gemeinde = community of young Catholics) with products from the "Third World". At present, it is still located in the old presbytery in the Wilhelmstrasse in Bad Nenndorf, but in the near future its rooms will be moved somewhere else.

With our voluntary commitment we want to promote the import and sale of goods from countries of the "Third World" and from other economically disadvantaged groups and cause a new awareness of the consumers with information about the economical, social and cultural conditions in the countries of origin. The sale of recycled paper draws the attention to the connections between environmental problems and circumstances of life in the respective countries which we can influence by our buying behaviour here. The sale of our fairly traded goods protects jobs in the "Third World" as well as literacy campaigns or the establishment of a new health system by payments of the importers

We offer interested parties possibilities of collaboration and information about our Third-World-activities described above.


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