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Centro de Sanidad y Milagros

Calle el Comercio
Olanchito, Yoro

Phone No.: +504-446-3382
Fax No.: +504-446-6666
Contact person: Jorge David Fuentez Espinoza


The aim of the Centro de Sanidad y Milagros is to offer spiritual help and support to students in tertiary education and at university who have problems related to drugs, alcohol, illness and infectious diseases.

In addition, new churches are to be built in regions forgotten by the central government, and the inhabitants supported by programs to protect their environment, and clothing and necessary medicaments provided for malnourished children and mothers with health problems.

The main focus of our work is on the mothers from poor social classes as well as single mothers, endangered and abused children and young people, and truants.

By arrangement, we can offer other net participants overnight facilities.


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