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Jr Callao Nro.1075 Moyobamba-Región San Martin
Moyobamba, Provincia, 084

Telefon: +51 (042)-563472
Telefax: +51 (042)-562188
Adresse e-mail:odaerperu@yahoo.es
Interlocuteur: Nexar Babilonia Torres, Prof.

Les Thèmes

ODAER is a non-profit-making organization, orientated towards particular perceptions of the world. We see our basic principles as cooperative organization, solidarity, dedicated unsalaried work and international voluntary work. Concerted effort enables us to realise this achievement. We do not receive any kind of economic or technical assistance; our strength lies in the solidarity and cooperation of others. For the financing of our projects and programs we seek the sensitivity of groups willing to cooperate. The guarantee of the vitality of our organization arises from the transparency of our actions in the sense of our basic ethical stance.

Voluntary work:

The participation of people from various places coming together to work toward common goals such as mutual respect and solidarity makes it possible to get to know different social, cultural and economic realities in respect of both the people taking part and the regions where the projects are running. The work is supported by various public bodies, by associations with whom ODAER has come to a written agreement. This makes it easier for young people to work in public establishments at jobs appropriate to their vocational specialization.

For other net participants we offer, by arrangement, overnight accommodation, a lecture, help in finding special up-to-date information, assistance in finding contacts in connection with topics such as upbringing, children, women, human rights, the environment, mini-credits. Further ways of supporting other participants: stays for work experience.


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