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GAIA - Grupo de Acción-Investigación Alternativa

Av. Mallorca-Qta., Eutonia-Urb. California Sur
Caracas, Miranda 1070

Telefon: +58 -212-2578714
Telefax: +58 -212-2578714
Adresse e-mail:gaiavzla@wildmail.com
Interlocuteur: Marquez, Yanitza

Les Thèmes

GAIA is a civilian, non profit-making society involved in the development of holistic educational programs and projects for sustainable development.

Its mission: the harmonious development of individuals, groups, organizations and societies; to give them initial aid by the encouragement and dissemination of alternative technologies and methods based on the socio-cultural change created by given ecological situations.
GAIA is a founder member of the Venezuelan network for social development, Redsoc. The coordination was shared with Redsoc until the year 2000. GAIA is also an active member of the Peace and Movement group and we have taken part in the Cohabitation and Peace Experience as patron and helper.

Some of our programs and projects:

- The project "The daily plant" is directed at women, young people, teachers and groups in order that that they may communicate knowledge about the planting and use of plants - in medicine, nutrition, cosmetics and the applied arts. This program helps us to understand how the riches of the plant world can be transformed into products useful for our health, nutrition and well being. The program has been constantly revised since 1998. For further information send an email to gaiabiocentro@yahoo.com.
- The project "Create peace, cultivate a garden", is directed at groups in districts, settlements, schools and businesses. Abandoned or unmaintained pieces of land can be transformed into garden plots, providing us with enjoyment and harmony. 40 "multiplicators" have been trained, 4 gardens laid out and a further 8 supported,
- The "Centre for Associative Support" trains entrepreneurs from various spheres to express themselves and to discover their strengths and resources and use them efficiently. In particular, it supports any endeavours which have to do with plants and recycling. The project was started in Edo Vargas, Venezuela in 2003, when the work of 45 women was supported, both in their current jobs and in their career plans.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, expert monitoring, or give a lecture. In addition, we can assist in the provision of specialized, up-to-date information on Bio Dance, peace gardens, medicinal plants, computer-assisted learning.


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