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Casa de Esperanza

PO Box 40115
St. Paul, MN 55104

Telefon: +1 651-646-5553
Telefax: +1651-646-5299
Adresse e-mail:info@casadeesperanza.org
Interlocuteur: de Los Angeles Pena, Maria

Les Thèmes

Casa de Esperanza established as a non profit organization in 1982, with the mission to mobilize Latinas and Latino communities to end domestic violence. Casa de Esperanza works in ways that make sense to Latinas. We know that when Latinas are supported, they will work in their best interest; so we seek to inject information, knowledge, and access into their lives. We provide tools so that they may act on behalf of themselves and their families. Our theory of change social capital and our experience tell us that there is value for Latinas in being "connected" so we facilitate relationships, cooperation, and trust. Our approach is groundbreaking - we believe that it can significantly influence the direction of the domestic violence movement. To accomplish our goals, Casa de Esperanza comprises three work areas:

- "Making Connections" is the key to empowering Latino communities to mobilize and put an end to domestic violence. Community drives our work, showing us the way - the priorities and the opportunities - and we, in turn, engage them by listening to and understanding their aspirations, informing, educating, and raising awareness about domestic violence.

- "Systems Change" is critical in improving the quality of life for Latino families and in the expansion of Casa de Esperanza's work. Casa de Esperanza offers support, training, consultation, dialogue, facilitation of groups, tools - anything to increase understanding of Latino cultures and the dynamics of domestic violence. Our vision is to work with as many partners as possible, establishing alliances that will result in open doors for Latinas - and most likely for other people of color, as well.

- "Empowering Families" is an expression of Casa de Esperanza's mission. We are providing the supports, resources, and knowledge to combat and reduce domestic violence; we are mobilizing resources - mainstream organizations, attorneys, partner agencies, Latino communities - to support Latinas and put an end to domestic violence.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, procure an expert information, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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