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Maschstr. 24
30169 Hannover

Telefon: +49 511/883232
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Interlocuteur: Mannke, Iris

Les Thèmes

The "Friedensbüro" is an organization of persons who commit themselves to peace work for humanitarian, Christian or political reasons in different forms of organizations and groups in the area of Hannover.

We joined together to promote the exchange of views and the common violence-free, anti-militaristic action of the most different tendencies of the peace movement. In 1986, our organization followed from the union of the "Komitee Friedenswoche Hannover" (committee peace week Hannover) and the peace office Hannover which has been existing since 1981.

We want:

- to strengthen the peace movement and make the public aware of the causes of non-peaceful conditions,
- to support the peace groups, inform about initial attempts, suggest new ideas,
- to encourage the commitment of individual persons,
- to develop a culture of peace and to oppose the psychological armament herewith.

We maintain the peace office in the "Haus der Jugend" (house of young people). This office serves as contact centre for regional and national peace work. Moreover, every year we organize the "Friedenswoche" (week of peace) during which the problematic nature of peace is examined from different angles of view. To prepare this week, working groups work out individual problem areas and present the same.

Some of our actions were for example: exhibitions and events for violence-free action and peace pedagogy, actions against the so-called deployment of new arms resolution of the NATO and the deployment of medium-range weapons, preparation, respectively support of the Easter peace marches in Hannover, support of the large-scale action of the peace movement all over Germany etc.

Another action we support is the Initiative für geschwisterliches Wirtschaften, "Goldesel" (initiative for brotherly/sisterly housekeeping "bottomless source of money "). This action will try to make the effects of the monetary and economic structure on our daily life understandable. Apart from working out for example theoretical knowledge of the present monetary and economic structure, the idea of alternative monetary systems is one of the priorities of the work of the initiative.

We procure surveys on literature and media for interested persons as well as lists of referees on the problematic nature of peace. In addition to that, the peace office publishes a circular letter regularly which picks up and informs about current subjects.


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