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128 Pont Quenepe, Rte Nle #1, P.O. Box 60, Gonaives
4110 Gonaives

Phone No.: +509 4238 3086 / 3625 2882
Fax No.: +954 509 6352 / 822 4032
Contact person: Derisse, Jean-Robert, M.D.


We are a non-profit-making organization.

Our project sees the development of the whole person - spiritually, socially and economically.

Since we were founded we have tackled the following projects:

- the building of one church in a rural area of the town of Gonaives: Carrefour La Branle, Dubedou (4th rural district).
- the foundation of a agricultural cooperative (Agro-cooperative Maranatha) consisting of 50 members and 3 hectares of land in Carrefour La Branle and Dubedou.

- the creation of women's ministry in Carrefour La Branle (AFCL).
- the establishment of an outpatients' dispensary with an operating license from the Ministry of Health and Population,now unoperate after the hurricane Jeanne September, 18 2004.
- the foundation of one school: The Baptiste Maranatha Evangelical School in Carrefour La Branle with the same problem with the dispensary.
-As you can see the image or picture of the church it is still unfinished because of our economical situation. We started to repair the church since after the hurricane but we cannot move. Because we are in a poor rural community our members collected $ 2500 haitian currency but we still unable to go forehead or achieve that work.
I understand, because there are so many wrong doings via the Internet people hesitated to assist other suffering churches. This is why we asked for volunteers to come home and assist us with this work. We are in Carrefour Labranle since July 1973.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. On request we can provide advice, expert information and contacts in the fields of community projects, education and women's projects.


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