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Substainability Center Bremen

Jakobistra├če 20
28195 Bremen

Phone No.: +49 421-66 97 09-56
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Contact person: Stuik, Hans


The municipalities are requested by political parties to put the objectives of the conference of the United Nations on environment and development into practice. The agenda 21, signed by 179 countries in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, is the central task of the municipalities. It is the timetable for a future-compliant development in the 21st century. In chapter 28 of the agenda, towns and municipalities are requested to form their community environmentally friendly and reconcilable with a welfare state in the future. This shall be done by integrating the local population and considering subjects related to development policy. The agenda 21 shows guidelines for the development of the municipality, sets many goals and suggests the instruments and programmes which are necessary for that purpose.

On the one hand econtur was founded with the objective to support municipalities and regions in introducing a local or regional agenda 21 and putting it into practice, on the other hand to spread the knowledge about it by educational events and publications referring to agenda 21 and other future models. Apart from that, econtur organizes specialist conferences on the above mentioned subjects and carries out social research work on a national and international level.

econtur offers workshops to municipalities and/or regional associations to work out the first steps in direction of a lasting and future-oriented development systematically and focused on the subjects in question. econtur makes a systematic inventory of the necessary bases and assists in the description of the actual situation of the respective municipality/region with the help of checklists and criteria catalogues. In doing so, not only weak points are detected but objectives and concrete projects are defined as well. Experience shows that really lasting changes cannot take place without the support of the population. This is why the work in and with the municipalities is based on an "open dialogue" with female and male citizens.

We can give expert advice for other net participants, organize and carry out conferences, deliver expert opinions, give lectures, communicate information and arrange for contacts related to the subjects: local agenda 21, environmental education, sustainability audit, citizens' participation and participation methods.


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