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Gesellschaft für Zukunftsgestaltung e.V.

NETZWERK ZUKUNFT Netzwerkknoten Cottbus

Saarstr. 24
03046 Cottbus

Phone No.: +49 355/23558
Fax No.: +49 355/23558
Contact person: Lutz von Grünhagen


The topic in Cottbus is the nature of the human drives and goals. Here, it is proposed to put the natural interests of the individual people in the center of the futurology instead of examining still predominantly the technical possibilities and the big trends of the history. In our own human nature, we can find the starting point to a satisfactory life in the unison with the earthly life-basis.

The network-knot Cottbus contributes to the development of a new model and leadership-principle for the environment-amicable civilization of the future, that should become a network of sovereign personalities, which have the same rights.

Long ago, the disintegration of the traditional hierarchical social-associations has begun. The traditional rivalries and power struggles destroy the mankind's basis in the biosphere. The mega-trend to the network-world-civilization is obvious. But purposefulness and bearings still are missing for an environment-amicable development.

Therefore, we explore the biological bases of the drives and the possible desirable goals of all individuals. And we explore how we all can reach our natural goals on the best way.

Lutz von Grünhagen was born 1953 in Halle (Saale) in Germany. He is an engineer. He expects the possibility of a global "ecological change", that can be caused consciously. It would have to be shown to the causing this change why the human interests are completely peacefully together compatible and are compatible with the conservation of the mankind's life-basis. Therefore, a market economy with cooperation would be meaningful instead of competition. The basis for the cooperation would be the named peaceful compatibility of the interests. The productive needs of the individual people then are seen as the drive and the actual "motor of the economy."

After prior agreement, the possibility for overnight accommodation exists here with us for other net participants..


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