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Friendship Village

P.O.Box 36686
Tel-Aviv, 61366

Phone No.: +972-9-8982694
Fax No.: +972-9-8941158
Contact person: Peled, Janatan


The “Friendship Village”, established in 1996 is an International Center for educating young people to live in a multi-cultural environment. The essence of its mission is - respecting the “other” and learning about him or her, the same time to recognize and to build what is in common between people coming from different cultural, national, religious or ethnic background, especially those who share common social frameworks or live within the boundaries of the same country. Education for peace and democracy is a logical conclusion of multi-culturalism.

The "Friendship Village" focuses on education for inter-cultural understanding, respectful coexistence, inter-cultural and inter – faith cooperation, based on real equality, tolerance, democracy and peace. At the present our Projects include mostly Israeli – Palestinian and Israeli Jewish-Arab joint projects, on different levels.

In "Friendship Village" young Israelis, Jews and Arabs are educated through varied educational methods, to live in a multi-cultural society, based on peaceful co-existence and cooperation for the benefit of all its components.

The message of "Friendship Village" is spread through various, well structured as well as spontaneous educational activities, such as workshops and seminars of various durations. Efforts are devoted to extend cooperative projects with formal and informal educational institutions.

Present Projects include: “Talk Peace – Make Peace”(Young Politicians' Peace Dialogue) young Palestinian and Israeli political leaders' trust building project, "Woman Educators for Human Rights" Jewish-Arab project for women teachers and students for education, as part of Young Leadership Development efforts of the Organization, "Young People against Racism": an academic course devoted to racism in the Israeli society, "One Year of Life for the Society" (Nemashim) – one year long volunteering program for educational work in low-income neighborhood in Haifa, through theatre and art, in purpose to promote self empowerment among inhabitants of this low-income neighborhood and inter-ethnic cooperation between local Arab and Jewish population.

"Friendship Village" is a registered Non Profit Association. It is not affiliated with any political organization.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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