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(A cultural web site for latinamericans)

Francisco de Aguirre 4443, C.P. 5009
Córdoba, 5009

Telefon: +54 0351 5813723
Adresse e-mail:yoyita@guiacultural.com
Interlocuteur: Nélida Demichelis

Les Thèmes

GUIACULTURAL.COM is an organisation which wants to function as a collaboration platform in order to in order to disseminate the work of diverse cultural groups in various ways) It wants to use the internet as the powerful communication tool which it is, in order to link all the participants in the search of the better manifestations of humanity.

In this way, the organisation provides the Spanish-speaking world the opportunity for each town to benefit from the wonderful world of culture.

GUIACULTURAL offers independent artists, freethinkers, institutions for the promotion of culture, interested enterprises ... the possibility of using its services to be present in the internet and to find there a place to present their products and services to those visiting the site. If you want to be present on the GUIACULTURAL site, please contact us.

Everybody can use and reproduce all the information they find on GUIACULTURAL.COM, naming the source, except for copyrighted material.


- To list pages of Internet on the site of Guiacultural and to list local addresses and events (exhibitions, competitions, prices).
- To promote dialogue among parents, teachers, educators, librarians, authors, illustrators, editors.
- To animate children and young people to read.

We offer the possibility of using our facilities in order to be present in the web with your products, your services and your opinion. Get in contact with us.


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