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Habitat Humano (HH)

Estomba 816
427 Buenos Aires

Telefon: +54 11 4556 1465
Telefax: +54 11 4555 3280
Adresse e-mail:nieves@habitat-humano.org.ar
Interlocuteur: Nieves Barbi

Les Thèmes

The mission of Human Habitat is to support families and risks groups, imparting the necessary training in technical, social and organizational questions. This will allow them to find integral solutions for their situation through self-initiative and own performance.

The mode of operation is determinated by 3 points of view:

- The learning of simple techniques will conduct to the improvement of diet possibilities, health, education and housing,
- the learning of organization methods guarantees the continuity of the projects in the time,
- the appropriation of an "attitude of solidarity and reciprocity" will allow to overcome the difficulties in everyday life in relation to the others will help to reach the chosen aims.

The principles that the members of HH share are:

- the esteem of every human being as central interest,
- the awareness of the equality of all people and of the personal and cultural differences,
- the readiness to consider knowledge more as a development process then something which has to be accepted as the absolute truth,
- the principle of freedom of thoughts and religion,
- the rejection of violence and the use of force.


- Building of houses and foundation of mini enterprises by the people them selves for the improvement on the quality of life,
- health and diet: cooperative gardens,
- making of a water line system for 10.000 persons,
- workshop courses for volunteers, for health service and project coordinators,
- weekly meetings for reflection, study and practical work.

If advised in advance we can offer overnight facilities, counseling and monitoring, lectures on these topics: measures against violence and discrimination, education of coordinators for social projects.


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