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Ecumenical Network for Youth Action (ENYA)

U nas 9
147 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic

Phone No.: +42 241727390
Fax No.: +42 241727390
Contact person: Moss, Cath


The word ecumenical comes from the root greek word "oikos" which means house. The word oikoumene as used in the Bible means God's whole inhabited earth or the whole world. The Ecumenical Network for Youth Action (ENYA) was established in 1995. The network is membership/partnership driven and includes children, youth and women's organizations, diaconal projects, Christian education groups, children's, youth and women's rights and protection activist networks, ecumenical youth movements, social movements, justice, peace, reconciliation and environmental groups, NGO's, lay training academies / centres and individuals in over 48 countries around the world. ENYA provides this network, to develop exchanges, summer camps, diaconial projects, internships and Christian education programmes for mutual encounters and partnerships. It works towards a common witness and outreach in the fields of youth and community work, children's rights, women's concerns, justice and peace issues and diaconial service. ENYA is committed to challenge all forms of racism, xenophobia, nationalism, anti-semitism and discrimination in any form and developing solidarity actions to support those who are excluded and marginalised. It developes partnerships with those at risk or those who are excluded and marginalised (outside of the church and secular structures). The organization struggles for a higher profile of the concerns of children, youth, women and those who are excluded by the church and society.

ENYA implements in projects, programmes, leadership training events, internships, transformation initiatives, solidarity campaigns and exchanges.

The participants in the courses and programmes will come from all spheres of the churches/ faith communities and their children's, youth's, women's and justice's related organisations. People are welcome from all walks of life. The educational approach in all the programmes will include some or all of the following elements: dialogue, listening and sharing of experiences between the participants, comparative analysis training and workshops for local and national work, strategy sessions, development of solidarity actions, prejudice reduction training, gender awareness training, development of training resources, workshop sessions, small analysis groups, small family or home groups, plenaries, role plays, slide shows and visual displays. Experts experienced in the subject fields contribute in plenaries and workshop sessions. The main emphasis in the methodological approach will be on enabling participants themselves to learn from the expertise and experience of each other.

Each year ENYA offers a variety of interactive training programmes: the diploma programmes, foundation courses (certificated courses), ecumenical unit training programme, ENYA volunteer internship programmes, a.m.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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