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Ecologistas del Río de la Plata

Valle Grande 3341
B1636CDA Olivos, Prov. de Buenos Aires

Telefon: +54-111550266681
Adresse e-mail:info@ecosrioplatenses.org.ar
Interlocuteur: Mascarell, Alejandro Felipe Oliver

Les Thèmes

This private non-profit-making association was founded by Environmentalists of the Rio de la Plata in order to promote nature conservation and the protection of the atmosphere through environmental communication and through education for a sustainable development.
The activities are carried out and promoted on a voluntary basis.
The intention is to strengthen the basis of the environmentalist movement through voluntary work on the internet. Use of the internet is not yet common in Argentina, but it is increasing.

After being advised in advance, we offer the other participants of the net: a place in which to spend the night, counseling and monitoring, experts' reports, the provision of a conference, to facilitate information specialized setting a day, new contacts related to the topics: nature, environment, sustainable development, reafforestation programs, integral use of natural resources, environment education, etc.


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