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Fundação Terra

Caixa Postal 70
CEP 56.512-460 Arcoverde-PE

Phone No.: +55-87-3821-1826
Fax No.: +55-87-3821-0954
Contact person: Schlosser, Martin


Since 1985, the Fundação Terra has been working in "Rua do Lixo" (Garbage Road), a poor settlement on a garbage dump on the outskirts of Arcoverde. Around 500 families live in this poverty stricken area, a total of 2500 people, of whom half are under 15. The poor people of the area settled here so that they could live off things that others throw away, constantly searching for anything which they might be able to use or sell.

The Fundação Terra is a public non-profit-making organization (NRO), covering most of its costs through donations, which mainly come from Germany. The organization offers:

- Medical care: there is a small clinic, a small chemist´s, and various doctors come several times a week to hold surgery for the people living in "Garbage Road". Everything is free of charge;
- Old People´s Home "Domus Christi": Senior citizens of "Garbage Road" who have no relatives are cared for here round the clock;
- Mother and Child Center "Mater Christi": Pregnant women, mothers and new-born babies are cared for here;
- Crèche and kindergarten "Christi Creche": Children between the ages of 1 and 4 are admitted here on a full-day basis, firstly to relieve the mothers and secondly to ensure that the children are well looked after, in a pleasant environment;
- Preschool and Primary School "Pax Christi Schola": The school is the heart of the Fundação Terra. 350 children spend their school day here, learning, playing, singing and going in for sports. In addition there are school meals and health care.
- Vocational training and work projects, emergency shelter for the homeless, road work, projects to build homes for families living in conditions unworthy of human habitation.

Martin Schlosser, who speaks English, German and Portuguese, works for the Fundacao Terra.

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