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Aconsejo nacional de servicio Aymara

Av. Bolivia, calle V3 No.391
La Paz

Telefon: +591-71711868
Adresse e-mail:planintegral@latinmail.com
Interlocuteur: Agapito Herrera Cuiza

Les Thèmes

CONSA is an institution for the mobilization and qualification of women. The organisation works directly with abandoned children and poor families on the margins of society. The goal is to improve the quality of life of Bolivian children who are living in difficult circumstances. CONSA is recognized by the Bolivian government.


- to offer the children supplementary food, education, health, housing,
- to expand the services gradually to other regions where this is needed,
- to organize help: for finding sponsors (patronage), getting donations from private or public agencies,
- to foster education, cultural politics, women's liberation / feminism politics, politics of the third world.

We can arrange overnight accommodation and we offer contacts related to the following topics: social exclusion and poverty.


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