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Christel Pagel

Auberg 6
24960 Munkbrarup

Telefon: +49 4631/3595
Adresse e-mail:pagelc@gmx.de
Interlocuteur: Pagel, Christel

Les Thèmes

I (born in 1959, married, 2 children) am a nurse and vocational school teacher. My doctorate is dealing with the pollution of the mother's milk with chlorinated hydrocarbons as well as the psychological strain of breast-feeding women who know that.

For years, I have also been active in the executive board of the association "Eltern für unbelastete Nahrung e.V." (parents for unpolluted food) and was responsible there mainly for the field of diet. I gave many seminars and courses referring to these subjects. Apart from that, I am a leader of a breast feeding group in the AFS (Arbeitsgemeinschaft freier Stillgruppen = team of free breast feeding groups) and I have been in charge of a breast feeding group for many years. During that period of time, I conducted many consultations, on the phone as well. If harmful substances in the mother's milk are concerned, people still call me very often. Even in the case of other breast feeding problems, I give advice on the phone or personally.

I offer overnight accommodation for other net participants. Moreover, I can give expert advice on harmful substances in the mother's milk, breast feeding problems as well as diet, I can deliver expert opinions, give lectures, and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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