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Frauennetzwerk zur Arbeitssituation e.V.

Walkerdamm 1
24103 Kiel

Telefon: +49 431/678830 -678860
Telefax: +49 431/665206
Adresse e-mail:kontakt@frauennetzwerk-sh.de
Interlocuteur: Kaiser, Marianne

Les Thèmes

The women's network is an autonomous women's project. It was founded at the end of 1984 as a self-help initiative. Since 1986, we have been working full-time, at the beginning mainly supported by financial means from the job creation scheme, in the meantime financed at least partly by the town and the federal states. In addition to that, female members and female sponsors contribute to the further existence of the women's network with the help of their contributions and donations.

Our objective is the strengthening and support of women in their working life. We offer (individual) consultations, supervision, courses and groups on the main subjects: "planning of career and life", "setting-up of self-employed business activities" and "further education".

Since March 1994, the "Frauennetzwerk zur Arbeitssituation e.V." is the state-approved responsible body of further education.

We offer overnight accommodations for other net participants, we give expert advice and arrange for contacts in the following fields: Woman and work, professional independence of women. Grünes Netzwerk "arche" Bildungswerk in der Ev. Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg (green network "arche" educational institute in the Protestant Church of Berlin-Brandenburg)


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