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Neue Lebensformen e.V.


02627 Pommritz

Telefon: +49 35939 /81385
Telefax: +49 35939/83085
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Interlocuteur: Hosang, Maik

Les Thèmes

The "LebensGut" is an eco-social life experiment or the common search of people for their dream to realize a life and work in keeping with themselves and the natural environment.

We are now a group of approximately 60 people (about 35 adults and 25 children). We are striving for a renewed subsistence rich in culture. Not only the far-reaching self-sufficiency with the basic things of life, such as food, a home, clothes, belongs to it, but also their connection with zest of life, phantasy and creativity. In addition to that, the future of mankind and the earth is important to us, a peaceful, sensible, ecological and true-to-life globalization and regionalization.

The following fundamental reproduction areas have been created already in the sense of a circulatory economy which is oriented towards self-restraint and preservation of values:

- Permaculture-oriented ecological agriculture, gardening and keeping of animals in a natural environment
- Rural conservation and landscape gardening
- Careful product processing
- Ecological water supply and disposal
- Locations for craftsmanship and technical production
- Education and culture.

In our educational centre we offer a diverse seminar programme, where among other things subjects such as the world around us, the connection between cosmos, human beings and the earth are dealt with. Moreover, visitor week-ends take place regularly.

We offer overnight accommodations to other net participants, among other things also the possibility to camp. Moreover, we can give expert advice, issue expert opinions, give lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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