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Hilfe für Menschen in Not - KINDER STARK MACHEN

Danziger Straße 4 a
25980 Westerland/Sylt

Phone No.: +49 (0)4505 - 570 7064
Fax No.: +49 (0)4505 - 570 8564
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JUST DO IT® e.V. is a union of people coming from the fields of further education (correspondence-course students of the Open University of Hagen - Schleswig-Holstein and surroundings), unemployment assistance (charitable self-help for unemployed); old-age care (Altershilfe Lübeck-Bad Schwartau) and not least the humanitarian private initiative, which has been helping children in need since April 1993 and which has made human rights heard also in disaster and catastrophe areas, such as flood areas etc.

So, the name "Hilfe für Kinder in Not - Kinder stark machen" (help for children in need - make children strong) was changed to "Hilfe für Menschen in Not - KINDER STARK MACHEN" (help for people in need - MAKE CHILDREN STRONG); the efforts are still concentrated on those children who have to be brought up without violence as it is provided by the UN-convention which was also ratified by the Federal Republic of Germany.

More and more children who are suffering in particular from psychological violence and who are even abused are crying for help - at least over the telephone - more and more neighbours and outsiders take care of third parties - we seem to have to thank the terrible event of September 11, 2001, in the USA for all that.

Despite all its victims and tragedy we consider this fact to be the cry for help of a people that - driven into a corner due to its unfair treatment - took such reprehensible means.
We are all requested to take care for more justice and fairness on an international level and not to be at the mercy of others!

Now as before, we are paying attention to all sorts of donations (in kind) and after examination of the need they are handed over to the persons affected! We took over the emergency lines A.S.T. and A.N.A.L.O.G. (+49 4542 4443). You can also write us exactly what your sorrows are by fax (+49 4542 843307)!

We are permanently interested in new information which brings us a little closer to our common and also our own objectives.

We can help other net participants for example with customs clearance/examination of humanitarian transports, pass on our experience and knowledge about the above mentioned fields of our union and/or arrange for contacts.


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