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Association for sustainable environmental solutions

50, Yanko Sakazov blvd
1504 Sofia

Telefon: +359- 2-8466 675
Telefax: +359- 2-9431 511
Adresse e-mail:agrolink@bgnet.bg
Interlocuteur: Nikolova Dr., Svetla

Les Thèmes

The objectives of the AGROLINK Association are:

- promotion of organic farmers as well as their products,
- protection of the natural environment and the consumers health, education of the general public on organic agriculture and its values,
- training and education for farmers, students, representatives of the local government and natural park administrations.

Its target groups are farmers, consumers and local communities in the spheres of environment, economic development support, training and consultations, sustainable rural development and organic agriculture.

For other net participants we can give an expert guidance through trained staff, procure expert information, give an expert opinion and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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