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Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu

Memorandumului 10/7
400114 Cluj-Napoca

Teléfono: +40-745646004
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Portavoz: Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu

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Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu is a math teacher and a teacher trainer, too. She is training interested teachers in the framework of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) programme. This programme aims to contribute to the development of a democratic society, by promoting critical thinking in all forms of education and supporting the pre-service and in-service training of various socio-professional categories. She is a member of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Association Romania. The association's mission is to promote and sustain activities of initial and continuous training, on each teaching level, including the level of permanent learning, in order to rise the quality of instruction and education and encourage critical thinking.

For other net participants I can arrange overnight accomodations in "low-prices" boarding schools or youth hostels in my town. Further I can give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the following fields: educational projects, environmental projects, gender projects for schools.


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