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Haus Lichtblick

Pfauenstr. 2
79426 Buggingen-Seefelden

Telefon: +49 (0)7634-695462
Adresse e-mail:kschober@aol.com
Interlocuteur: Schober, Klaus

Les Thèmes

Haus Lichtblick came into being as a result of years of honorary work of two people in the hospice movement, which means the voluntary accompaniement of seriously ill persons as well as dying persons. During this accompaniement, they often experienced how many people do not have a good place to live. Without any capital of their own but thanks to the incredible assistance of many committed people they bought a former inn with guestrooms south of Freiburg. Their project has been existing since 2002,. 9 people can live in Haus Lichtblick who - for whatever reasons there might be - cannot or do not want to live alone. Haus Lichblick is no institution, it does not belong to any umbrelly organization and does not get any money from anywhere. It wants to offer some people a piece of home and refuge.

People who are physically, mentally or psychologically considerably handicapped, who cannot be taken care of any more by their families at home, either temporarily or permanently, and who are not able to lead an independent life, find admission into a living under care so that without this offer of taking care they would depend on in-patient help in a home. The people who are living in Haus Lichtblick are chronically ill which means that they are not only temporarily physically, mentally or psychologically handicapped. Some of the people who are living here have a professional carer at their disposal with whom conversations are regularly held; some of the house-mates get their pensions.

Special advantages of Haus Lichtblick:

- the thought of solidarity which characterizes the whole living together: everyone helps everyone with his/her respective abilities;
- pure honorary activity with a very low expense allowance until today;
- a living under family care which is orientated towards the community;
- the responsible persons also live in Haus Lichtblick.

The following services are offered to the people who are living in Haus Lichtblick: choice of the appropriate kind of accommodation, help to maintain the apartment, help to cope with everyday life as independently as possible (shopping, diet, hygiene, keeping the apartment clean etc.), assistance whenever visits to the authorities become necessary, assistance in the search for employment, rehabilitation measures, if required, also contact with employees, rehabilitation agencies and vocational services; cooperation with daily care centres and rehabilitation workshops; help to overcome illnesses; taking up and maintaining psychotherapeutical care, contacts to relatives; agreements with statutory cares etc.

Overnight accommodation exists for other net participants. Apart from that, we can give advice, hold a lecture and establish contacts in the field: social long-term relationships, in particular with psychologically ill persons.


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