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Foundation for AIDS Orphaned Children

Plot 24 Hig Street
1378 Mbarara

Telefon: +256-7922323
Telefax: +256-485 21304
Adresse e-mail:faoc2002@yahoo.com
Interlocuteur: Boaz Buyinza

Les Thèmes

Foundation for AIDS Orphaned Children is a registered NGO for the welfare of AIDS affected families in Mbarara Uganda.The main objective of this organization is to improve the welfare of aids affected families in rural communities and make them self sustaining socially and economically.


- child advocacy,
- AIDS sensitization,
- community mobilisation,
- information dissemination,
- income generation,
- reduction of poverty in rural communities.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can deliver a lecture and procure expert information in the following fields: HIV/AIDS, child affairs, counselling IGAS.


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