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Stellinger Steindamm 39 b
22527 Hamburg

Teléfono: +49 40/5406228
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Portavoz: Heuer, Wolfgang

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Action man environment future -

- action with the objective that
- man becomes (more) aware of himself and his
- environment and shapes the
- future well-directedly -

is an internationally active one-man-citizens' action group - founded in 1992 - for the constructive overcoming of the global crisis by curing the causes of the civilization neurosis, respectively disease of society - by means of an integral recovery, including best possible personality development.

In the meantime, I am publishing a magazine called "Seelen-Öffner für ganzheitliche Gesundung und Entwicklung"" (soul opener for integral recovery and development) with a broad spectrum of most different contributions to the above mentioned subject.

"Seelen-Öffner - für ganzheitliche Gesundung und Entwicklung" is also the name of a self-help group which I founded here in Hamburg, where people meet who feel affected by the consequences of the disease of society; from "madness of normality" or however you want to call the wrong turn of our civilized society.

I am looking for interested people for further self-help groups (maybe also "company health circles) at other places and I am also looking for interested people for an association, for a foundation or a charitable limited liability company who shall preserve the basic idea of the soul opener and communicate know-how.

Apart from that, I have been a member of the "Bundesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener e.V." (BPE), Bonn (confederation of people with experience in psychiatry, registered association in Bonn); I am co-founder and member of the executive board of the "Landesverbandes Psychiatrie-Erfahrener e.V." (LPE), Hamburg (regional association of people with experience in psychiatry, registered association in Hamburg) and contact person for the self-help group of the "LPE". The "LPE" publishes the "Zeitschrift Psychiatrie-Erfahrener" (ZPE) (magazine of people with experience in psychiatry) quarterly.

Upon request, I am voluntarily willing to give all information I have (for example about books or institutions) and I will answer personal questions referring to the themes of my initiatives..


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