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Johannishöhe - Natürlich leben und lernen e.V.

Umweltbildungshaus Johannishöhe

01737 Tharandt

Telefon: +49 35203/37181
Telefax: +49 35203/37936
Adresse e-mail:info@johannishoehe.de
Interlocuteur: Müller, Milana und Heinze, Jens

Les Thèmes

The association "Johannishöhe - Natürlich leben und lernen e.V." runs the house for environmental education Johannishöhe in Tharandt.

The house for environmental education Johannishöhe is a living and working project of eight people at the moment. On Johannishöhe we want to unite an ecologically more harmless life in a community with self-determining education work. This dream has become piece by piece reality by the activities of many people.

With the educational events for children and adults that we organize and practise on Johannishöhe we want to teach the participants to treat themselves and other people as well as our earth more socially and environmentally aware as well as more respectfully. Our education work is rooted in the demand to live everyday life ecologically. For example, we produce a part of our food and energy ourselves. For our self-supply we keep hens, bees and goats and we cultivate a garden. Our house is equipped with a wooden carburettor heating system, solar panels, photovoltaic conversion and a compost toilet.

Three children and five adults are living on Johannishöhe in a community. We support new social issues, for example in energy and agricultural politics and also the ecological development of our place and our region. We organize the nature market "Tharandter Wald" (wood of Tharandt) with offers from direct sellers and local tradesmen and the environmental competition "Coole Ideen statt heißer Luft" (cool ideas instead of hot air) for the pupils in the district of Weißeritz.

In the meantime, the construction of the house has been almost completed so that we can offer the ground floor for public events. The connection of life and learning is important to us; for this reason and because it is more fun together, we also invite for practical work.


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