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Grüne Liga M-V e.V.

Postfach 01 02 43
19002 Schwerin

Phone No.: +49 385/562916
Fax No.: +49 385/562922
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The "GRÜNE LIGA" (green league) is a network of ecological movements. The "GRÜNE LIGA" unites groups, initiatives and single persons who together support nature conservation and environmental protection as well as the continuing ecology movement in society in many different ways. Within the network, the groups maintain their independence and identity. There are no hierarchies.

The objective of the network is the regional as well as specialist coordination and support of active persons and activities. National skilled work is linked up in working groups and is supported by federal contact centres. At present, national groups of skilled workers, respectively federal contact centres, are working in the "GRÜNE LIGA" in the field of advice on green issues, water, energy, traffic, refuse, rock mining, nuclear power, international work and lasting regional development.

Regionally, the members of the "GRÜNE LIGA" have joined in state associations, until now in the five new federal states and in Berlin. We hope that the "GRÜNE LIGA" will continue to grow in the future as well and that further single persons, groups or initiatives from former East and also West Germany will join the network.

We offer organizational advice in environment associations and possibilities for practical training here with us.


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