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Umweltberatungszentrum der Hansestadt Rostock

Hermannstr. 36
18055 Rostock

Telefon: +49 381/4922061
Adresse e-mail:
Interlocuteur: Dieminger, Dr. Jan

Les Thèmes

Every human being can do something for our environment. With our action we can contribute to relieve the environment. For this purpose, well-directed information and active following of what is being said is necessary to be able to exert an influence as a consumer and also as a voter. The environmental advice centre would like to make suggestions and offer support with its integral approach:

We tell you how you can behave environmentally friendly in road traffic, when you go shopping and in the household.

We inform you about important topics such as energy, water, waste and recycling. We help you, if you want to do a bit of ecological gardening, some work around the house or if you want to build something, if you want to learn something about healthy diet or environmental education and if you have questions regarding nature conservation.

A substantial library is available in the environment advice centre. The list of contents is available on a disk. In the case of special problems, we will pass you on to competent experts.

Apart from personal advisory talks we also carry out discussions and rounds of talks after prior consultation. We organize seminars, special conferences and exhibitions in which we take up current envionmental problems, we publish press releases and information material and participate in environmental actions. We attach great importance to the cooperation with the Rostock environmental protection and nature conservation groups, respectively associations, the media, the citizens' representatives and the specialist authorities.

We arrange for or organize overnight accommodations for other net participants, we can give advice, give lectures, arrange for contacts and communicate up-to-date specialist information in the field of environmental protection referring to Rostock and surroundings!


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