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Mirabell e.V.

Am See 1
17440 Klein Jasedow

Phone No.: +49 38374/75212
Fax No.: +49 38374/75223
Contact person: Mallien, Lara und Heimrath, Johannes


Immediately after the political change, a small circle of friends around the Pulow mayor Mathias Andiel founded the "Pulower Natur- und Kulturverein" (nature conservancy and cultural association). In 1997, the association got the new name "Mirabell e.V.". The name is programme: In view of the efforts to integrate the community of Pulow into the regional concepts for a soft tourism, it suggests itself to look for something special which distinguishes Pulow. On the one hand, this is the wonderful countryside and on the other hand, these are the wonderful Mirabelle avenues. The translation fo the word "Mirabelle" is nothing else than "the wonderful"!

At present, several large projects have priority:

- Herb garden Pulow: The herb garden which was built in the part of the town called Papendorf during the years 1995-1997 with job creation means is being continued and enlarged by a smell and touch garden for disabled people.
- Ecological industrial courtyard of Pulow: The association is in contact with breeders of the grey-wool land sheep of the Land of Pommern which was native in our region in the past and which is threatened by extinction. The objective is to win ecological wool as raw material of high quality within the framework of a producer community.
- "Truism": The disposal of the waste water in our parts of the town which are located relatively far away from each other is not an easy task in our sparsely populated region. The association commits itself to introduce the technique of the "Binsenbeet"- sewage plants and to develop concepts for the parts of the town which have a cost-reducing effect as a result of a high share of own work of the citizens.
- Constructive conversations with children and young persons: The association will use ist possibilities to collaborate for example when a youth club is established or job creation measures for unemployed young persons are taken.
- Tool depot: With the help of donations in kind it is planned to build a depot owned by the association from where the citizens can borrow construction machinery and floor processing equipment.

We can give expert advice to other net participants in the field of project development or give a lecture.


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