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Gemeinschaft Rosenwinkel Ausbau Fünf (G.R.A.F. e. V.)

Ausbau 5
16928 Rosenwinkel

Phone No.: +49 33984/253
Fax No.: +49 33984/253
E-mail adress:
Contact person: Kern, Mario


I was born in Guben in 1961. After quite a lot of occupations in the GDR before the political change, I moved from Berlin to the country where I became acquainted with the life circle: village - municipality - politics - regional matters. At that time, I came through the self-help to house-building and recycling of old parts, dung, building materials. I started up my own business, I am married and have got one daughter. The work on the sphere of life offers enough day´s work and room, to put ideas from another life into practice. Other new settlers in the country made suggestions in this regard and opened up new opportunities. Guests who pass by and help us provide further influences.

I offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. Moreover, I can give expert advice in the field of: "old house recycling - reuse of old building components ", communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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