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Hohensteiner Weg 3
15345 Klosterdorf

Phone No.: +49 3341/312340
Fax No.: +49 3341/309998
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Contact person: Barra, Margret


Since 1993, our ecological partnership in life and work consisting of 19 adults and 11 children has been living in an old farm from the Mark Brandenburg in a small village east of Berlin. Until now, we have spent a lot of time, energy and money to create and to shape private common housing and living space. It is true that we have not yet finished all of this work but we are now concentrating more on the work projects: after the test phase of the last few years, we are now facing the foundation of a gardening business, we are trying to anchor our educational work more solidly and we are planning the construction of a wood oven bakery. A lot of building activity, respectively reconstruction work, will become necessary for these projects as well so that we have the opportunity to gain further experience in ecologically oriented building. Parallel to all we mentioned, every day we are practising more and more the common life and learning with regard to topics such as the compatibility of internal and external work, common purse, common child care, common housekeeping, decision-making with everybody's approval, dealing with problems and developing possible solutions, overcoming conflicts and many other things.

We offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. Moreover, we can give expert advice, lectures, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts referring to the subjects: ecologically oriented partnership in life and ecologically oriented building as well as horticulture and pedagogical subjects.


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