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Projekt in Reetz

Mahlsdorfer Str. 12
14827 Reetz

Phone No.: +49 33849/51822
Fax No.: +49 33849/51822
E-mail adress:
Contact person: Ebinger, Jutta und Stucki, Mario


We are in the initial stage of a project of action, love and freedom. A project in which in view of the development of the world the own responsibility is the centre of attention, for our own life and the life of our children, for the way we want to live and how we want to put our vision into practice.

The objective is the organization of a self-sufficient place in the fields of

- ecology
- technology
- building of companies
- healthy growing up of children

Jutta Ebinger, born in Murrhardt in 1960 and Mario Stucki, born in Zurich in 1961, are looking for interested persons for this project.

We can give expert advice for other net participants with regard to solutions to a conflict in communities and the regeneration and cultivation of soil and water on a bio-physical basis without chemistry. An overnight accommodation for other net participants exists.


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