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Spendahilfe e.V.

Latschenweg 26
85551 Kirchheim bei München

Telefon: +49 176 77898840
Adresse e-mail:kontakt@spendahilfe.de
Interlocuteur: Sherin Dahi

Les Thèmes

Spendahilfe is a non-profit organization founded in June 2014 by the Dahi family from Munich. Through numerous relief efforts, the family has been actively supporting Syrian war victims since October 2012. The motto "We'll help Syria on our own!" gave the sisters Sherin and Yasmin and their father Mahmoud Dahi the motivation to do some good themselves.
While Mahmoud Dahi travels to the areas of conflict loaded with numerous donations in kind, his daughters in Germany organize the journeys and create a useful network with existing organisations.
Together with the Association Orienthelfer, the family actively supports Syrian refugees on the Turkish-Syrian border and transports donated vehicles to Aleppo.
It all began with relief supplies to the Syrian war zones. There followed the construction of an orphanage and refugee camps. Meanwhile, Spendahilfe has occupied an important niche in the south-east of Turkey: in the gap between the offers of the Turkish government and large relief organizations, which are not always directly available to all, and the steady stream of refugees across the Turkish border, Spendahilfe has an important "firefighter" function. Many refugees need a helping hand and an open ear after an often life-threatening escape route. They are dependent on immediate and unbureaucratic aid. In this overall context, Spendahilfe plays the important role of a small and flexible starting point for emergency and transitional solutions.
• Ramadan and the "Sugar Festival": In the fasting period, the annual action of donation aid begins. In the summer of 2015, around 1000 Syrian refugees were provided daily with a freshly prepared meal after sunset. Our helpers on-site made sure that everyone was there! Fasting together created an unforgettable sense of community, also with the local Turkish population. At the end of Ramadan, there was a new outfit and sweets for all the children at the "Sugar Festival".
• Freedolls: Syrian mothers learn craft skills in our women's workshop, while their sons and daughters are looked after in the kindergarten. The products of the women from Kilis use Spendahilfe in Germany for fund raising. Dolls can be bought on a donation basis, the proceeds flowing directly into our work on the spot. The fate of the refugees is to be made more tangible to the people of far-away Germany. There is a story behind every doll, because while they are working, many refugee women process their traumatic experiences during the war and during the flight. Each doll stands for the hope of a better life for their own children.

• Kindergarten: The children are cared for in the kindergarten while the mothers learn handicraft skills in the women's workshop. The program has been specially designed for children who are struggling with trauma. In the kindergarten, which has been operated by Spendahilfe since March 12, 2015, the children can run around and play freely.
• Women's workshop: Syrian mothers learn handicraft skills in the women's workshop while their sons and daughters are looked after in the kindergarten. In a sewing workshop the women learn from a dressmaker the necessary skills to produce textile products. Spendahilfe helps with the procurement of material and the sale of the products.
• Refugee Camp Bbab-Al-Salameh: The Dahi family takes care of the people of Bab Al-Salameh and collects clothing, soft toys and medical equipment for the approximately 10,000 refugees living in the camp.
• Orphanage on the Turkish-Syrian border: The orphanage was built for 60 children and a total of 9 carers with the help of the Orienthelfer organisation.

Sherin Dahi is the President of Spendahilfe.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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