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ZEGG Bildungszentrum gGmbH

ZEGG-Zentrum für experimentelle Gesellschaftsgestaltung

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 89
14806 Belzig

Telefon: +49 33841/595 100
Telefax: +49 33841/595102
Adresse e-mail:info@zegg.de

Les Thèmes

Throughout the year, ZEGG offers a selection of training courses, seminars, workshops and festivals: you can learn about love and relationships, practice new forms of communication, or take another step on your path of personal growth. Events for working guests enable a direct experience of ZEGG as an ecological pioneer project and, in fact, all of our seminars and festivals are examples of “small-scale community”, making it possible for you to directly try out a holistic way of living.

ZEGG is a non-profit education centre and an intentional community, a place where 100 people live, work and learn together. They are writing new stories whenever they organise our daily work, take decisions, shape our love-life or create ecological economic cycles.

Ecovillage ZEGG
Contrary to popular belief, a sustainable way of living does not mean constant sacrifice. In fact, it makes life’s abundance more visible. For example, when sunlight and regenerative resources become energy. Or when a poor, barren piece of land becomes a rich, diverse biotope. Or when our interconnectedness becomes tangible – with nature, other people and the whole. The ZEGG community is helping to create a healthy, ecological, living organism right here where we live and work.

ZEGG has changed in its 20 years of existence, evolving from a rather homogenous pioneer community into today’s pluralistic and diverse group of residents.

We can offer expert advice and supervision for other net participants in the fields of "communication, community, ecology, horticulture, permaculture", we can give lectures, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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