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Swiss Academy for Development (SAD)

Boezingenstrasse 71
2502 Biel/Bienne

Telefon: +41 32 344 30 50
Adresse e-mail:info@sad.ch
Interlocuteur: Brigitte Padrock

Les Thèmes

The Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) was founded in 1991 as an institution of applied science in the field of development problems.
It is a centre of expertise in sport and development. With sport and games, it works in Switzerland and internationally for disadvantaged children and young people. It promotes their health, improves their educational opportunities and paves the way for them entering the labour market.

Our work:
• Sport and play: We understand sport as the school of life and are convinced that the best way to learn is through play. Through sport and play, children and young people acquire basic competences that help them master challenges in everyday life and which actively shape their lives.
• Inclusion, participation and child protection: We implement our projects exclusively in partnership with local organizations. We are guided by the principles of inclusion and participation, and we protect children and young people in everything that we do.
• To create and share knowledge: In our projects and mandates, we rely on sound monitoring and evaluation and follow developments based on clear facts. We make results publicly available and promote the exchange of knowledge and mutual learning with the International Platform for Sport and Development sportanddev.org.

Our focus
• Health: Because health is the basis for a self-determined life.
• Education: Because a good education ends the cycle of poverty.
• Employment: Because young people want to stand on their own two feet.

Examples of our projects:
• Early intervention programs for disadvantaged children in India: "Move & Improve" supports disadvantaged children in order to end the cycle of poverty.
• Young people's business start-ups in Myanmar
• Self-employed rather than unemployed: start-up funding for unemployed Egyptian youths.
• Sport to counteract trauma: Psychosocial support for traumatized women in southern Sudan.
• National integration program: Promotes intercultural coexistence
• Website for newcomers: A website provides answers to questions about housing, school, transport and more.
• sportanddev.org is the most important source of information and an exchange platform for people active in the field of sports and development.
• A comprehensive educational program for disadvantaged children and youth in Nepal.
• A handbook on the opportunities and the practical application of sport and play in disaster areas.
• A project in Hungary, with which SAD promotes sport as an engine of integration.
• Anomie and violence in Nigeria: what is causing people to join armed groups? Field research.
• Guidelines for clubs on how to approach children from migrant families.
• Study on the life situation, future perspectives and values of Lebanese youth.
• Evaluation concept for the Cup of Heroes in South Africa and Namibia
• Film and computer learning game, so that migrants in Russia are better understood and better accepted.
• etc.

Brigitte Padrock is responsible for finance and administration in the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD).

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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