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Nager IT e.V.

Am Bühel 4
83673 Bichl

Telefon: +49 (0)175/9622324; +49 (0)8857/ 659 0417
Adresse e-mail:hallo@nager-it.de
Interlocuteur: Brigitte Jordan

Les Thèmes

NagerIT e.V. was found in 2009 with the goal to improve labour conditions in the globalised electronics production by giving a best practice: a "Fair Mouse".
The mouse is meant to kick-start a new, sustainable way of production of computers, mice, cell phones, etc, where especially human rights are respected.

Our vision
Looking at the history of other fair trade branches (tea, coffee, chocolate…), one can observe it were small projects who started a more sustainable and fair way of production, with careful supply chain management where human rights are paid attention to. After some time of implementation larger companies joined the market by extending their line of goods with a fair trade product. Inspired by this observation, we start to produce a fair trade computer mouse.
Since, unfortunately, for a small project like ours it is not possible to manage a 100% fair product on the first go, we start with a computer mouse which is fair in parts. The next version will be "fairer" followed by an "even more fair" one and so on until we can realize a mouse produced with no exploitation at all.

Our plan:
Start with a fair computer mouse to make other companies follow, so soon we will have fair mobile phones, PCs, iPods and the like.

Mouse production:
Since end of 2012 the first version of our mouse scuttles around. The next version, even fairer, is under construction.

Our way of working:
On the one hand, with our own version of a fair-produced computer mouse, we show discreetly and without direct criticism that most of our IT devices are unfair. On the other hand, we want to show consumers, NGOs and even companies that another type of production is possible.
In addition, we provide education at various events, be it in schools in the form of teaching units, conferences in the form of lectures or discussions, or with information on sustainability events.
• The value of our everyday electronic devices and the social and environmental costs they cause at the production site.
• Global injustice of the current structures of production and consumption

Brigitte Jordan is responsible for customer communication, public relations and general inquiries at NagerIT e.V..

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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